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Martini Glasses – Cocktail anyone?

From a Manhattan to a cheeky cosmopolitan, cocktails are thankfully back in fashion! And what better way to drink an extravagant drink than from an extravagant glass?!

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Soup Recipe

Soup-er Recipes!

Soup is a wonderfully warming meal that can brighten up even the coldest of days! Soup is also something that we believe should receive more recognition for the numerous times that it has stepped forward and miraculously improved our day with its warming embrace! 1 i Thus our new range of Mackie’s Soup Mugs was […]

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Crack open the Champagne!

Although Champagne has always been a popular and fashionable drink, it has been a fairly recent progression from Champagne Saucers to the more popular Champagne Flutes which have a more elegant and slender shape. 1 Champagne is typically the drink to toast a celebration and so what better way to do so than from one […]

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Baked Camembert Recipes

If you have just read our ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Camembert Baking’ then you already know the basics of which type of camembert to buy and a few tricks to get that ideal, gooey cheese.

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The Retro Range

Available in the Retro range is the Cola Tumbler, the Lemonade Tumbler, the Milk Tumbler and the Water Tumbler! Perfect as a gift for any friend or family.

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Oasis Beverage Dispenser

Oasis Drinks Dispenser

Designed to resemble a classic American canning jar, the 6 quart container is perfect for a crowd. Fill it with lemonade, ice tea, or a fruity Sangria. The infuser insert makes it easy to serve flavored waters too.

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colourful wine glasses

Colourful Drinking Glasses

Our selection of colourful wine glasses and also coloured tumblers, coloured martini glasses and coloured champagne glasses mean you are certain to impress those dinner party guests with just the right splash of colour.

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Cheese Board

Ideas for a perfect cheese board

Your cheese board can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish. But preparing the perfect one can be something of an art.

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Glass Trifle Bowl

Glass Trifle Bowl

One of our featured products this month is the very popular Glass Trifle Bowl which is part of the Simplicity Collection from Artland. This glass trifle bowl is excellent for everyday use, but of course you are not obligated to make a trifle everyday! We have a lot of customers that buy these trifle bowls […]

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Elephant Teapot – a lovely addition to your kitchen decor

Let’s talk about the “elephant in the room”, shall we? i OK, there’s no need for any awkwardness when this white elephant is in the room, in fact quite the opposite. i i The Elephant Teapot made by BIA has been adorning households for quite some time now and it makes a statement on any table […]

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